What does this site do?

This site is run by an enthusiast who has been chronicaling the history of funfairs in the Duchy for over ten years.

Today there are four main companies operating:

  • Anderton and Rowland
  • David Rowland & Shane Rowland
  • J.Rowland & Sons
  • Phil and Anne Raymond

The site is updated with details of known locations where these showmen are operating and if you would like to book a fair or equipment, we pass your details onto the above firms.

Equally, if you need to contact people in the above lit, use the form on the left of the front screen and we will pass on.

Where are Rowlands in July?

At Holsworthy until 9th July, Kingsbridge to the 16th and then onto Teignmouth on the lawn opening on or around the 18th July and staying there until 7th August 


David and Shane Rowland in June

The firm are currently open at Newquay until Saturday 18th, then down to Penzance for the Glowan fastival 20-25th June. Then onto St-Ives for the 27th June to 2nd July.


Redruth Whitsun - 2011.

All the feedback I have received says that the attempt at a 'theme park' event worked. Yes, there were (virtually) no side stalls, but that is the nature of things now. Some intresting facts:

- First ever visit of a Roller Coaster to Redruth

- First return to Redruth for Colin DeVeys Waltzer since 2002

- First time Colin DeVeys three rides have been to Redruth since the 1980's I believe.

I expect that A&R are off to Penzance now. So sit back and watch an early release of video (not recorded by me!)



David Rowland & Sons

Falmouth Rugby Club this week (until 21st May) then onto Looe for two weeks from the 26th until the end of half term (6th June)