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Where are the Rowlands for May 2011

David Rowland & Sons

Falmouth Rugby Club this week (until 21st May) then onto Looe for two weeks from the 26th until the end of half term (6th June)



Anderton & Rowlands 

With no Redruth (Whitsun) Fair last year, the outlook was not promising for this. However as previously announced on this site, Redruth Fair is definately on this year.

On the 14th May, rides have started to pull on and it seems likely that the rumoured 'Theme Park' event will be taking place.

The Theme Park is expected to open this weekend (22nd) until the end of Whitsun and the half term holiday (6th June).

Thanks to Simon Vincent for news.

Link to Simon's photos click here


This Week's Helston Flora.....

this fair coincides with and suports the Town's Flora Day festival.

In years past this was one of Whiteleggs big fairs of the year with the Boxing Booth, Wheel, Dodgems etc.

These days the Lessee is Roldand DeVey of Anderton and Rowlands and you should find both A&R rides and David Rowlands Waltzer present.


Redruth 2011

Rumours - I have it on good authority that Redruth Whitsun fair may be a 'Theme Park' fair this year organised by Anderton and Rowland. This would be a two week stay (I guess -pre Penzance Corpus Christi). Watch this space.

A&R at the end of April 2011

Anderton and Rowlands in April

A&R are finishing April on the Hoe at Plymouth and (I believe) at Paignton.