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Helston Flora 2014

Anderton & Rowlands are lessees for the fair supporting Helston Flora day.


This year the fair will be open on 7th and 8th May.

Padstow 'Obby 'oss 2014

After a near wash out at Camborne Trevithick day,  David Rowland and Sons are off to Padstow for 'Obby 'Oss celebrations on May the 1st.



Not sure if that's Rick Stein under there.


Trevithick Day

Following a run on Plymouth Hoe to the 21st April, D.Rowland and Sons are now off to Camborne for Trevethick Day on the 26th April.

Going up Camborne Hill

Easter 2014

Easter 2014.

While writing this, I have just driven through Devon and Cornwall (in the rain) and it doesn't feel much like Spring at all.

Anyway - after Dvid Rowlands had been Barnstaple for the two weeks to the 30th March they have now spent the week to the 5th April at Penzance. They are now travelling to Plymouth Hoe for 11-21st

Meanwhile A&R are split in at least thre section with one section over at Central Park Plymouth from 4th to (I believe) the 24th April while others are at Paingnton and Plympton.

Redruth photo of course

I am in Redruth at the moment, so will see if anything is happening there.

Weekending 15th March

just been discussing that David Rowland is likely to open in Barnstaple in a few weeks time.

on Facebook shows that Anderton and Rowland will be open this weekend.