Summercourt Fair 2012 was reported as being one of the biggest for many years.

David Rowland (Lessee) had assembled old and new rides from around the country.

Details from Aubrey Tummon , Greg Peters and others:

"Groove Rider" Waltzer - David Rowland
"Rhythm Dancer" Miami - Shane Rowland
Freak Out - Shane Rowland
Dodgems - Shane Rowland
Dodgems - Thomas Rowland
Ark (with the orbiter cars) - Jonathan Rowland
"Phantom Menace" Superstar - Anderton & Rowlands
Round Up - Wayne Smart
Rock-n-roll Looper - Wayne Smart
Superstar - Leigh Danter
Super Bowl - Craig Danter
"Sizzler" Twist - Edward Danter
"Oxygen" Booster - Craig Danter
Jumper - Charles Harris
Sky Flyer - Billy Williams
"Typhoon" Orbiter - Tuson Evans
Ghost Train - NIpper Appleton
"Stardust" Arcade - Lawrence Appleton
Helter Skelter Slip - Robert Edwards
"Crazy"Fun House - Robert Edwards
Fun House - Philip Kefford
Crooked Cottage - Shane Rowland
"Cartoon Circus" Fun House - Jamie Hurrell.

An image from many years ago with T.Rowland's ex-Whitelegg track