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  • Penzance Pull on A&R Scammell
  • T.Whitelegg "Boomerang" pulling into Penzance
  • My favourite photo of Redruth fair from 'Donut' back in the day
  • Steve Andrew Ark @ Mabe
  • A211 when owned by David Rowland
  • David Rowland & Sons
  • J.Rowland & Sons

Cornish Funfairs

Published: Tuesday, 08 September 2020

Cornish Funfairs - 2020

Brief Overview

An enthusiasts site containing anything to do with fairs running in the Duchy of Cornwall. There is a lot of articles about current and historic firms, individual grounds, events, preservation...all sorts.

To use the site, use the drop-down menu (hover over the "Home" button above the images) or click on the images to go to associated text, or use the "search" function.

How did we get here.

This site has existed since the late 1990's hosted on Tripod and other services and carried on - largely unloved  - while social media took over.  Social Media is more transient and disposable than old websites and it is now clear that so many great resources are being lost.  

In 2020, the site hosts took the site down after a phishing attack.

Therefore I had 2 x options. Delete the site and leave to Social Media or give it a kick back to life and maintain it for others.  I take the second of the two options.

Image: Barry Wareham's Atkinson at St Agnes rally.  (C) Unknown





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