Maurice Rowland

Published: Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Maurice Rowland is David Rowlands elder brother also part of J.Rowland & Sons and he owned and operated a Waltzer that was built by HP Jackson and Sons and was operated for many years by the Danter family of Wales.


Image: Maurice Rowlands Waltzer open at Pool market Oct 1997 (C) Simon Reed

His run of fairs included several with the firm of J.Rowland and sons but he also had his own run of sites and was not tied to working with one particular showmen.

Photo: Waltzer Car details (C) Simon Reed 1997

The Waltzer was a traditional 24 section design with three hills and was decorated with a ribbon motif throughout the 1980's. It was rebuilt with a new roof that folded around the trailer that the centre of the ride rests on. When this was done, the new rounding boards were left undecorated as shown here.

By May 2000, Maurice Rowland retired and sold the machine and the business to Lee Freeman

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