Barry Wareham

Published: Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Barry Wareham's fair is no longer travelling. He started as an independent and was not a member of the Showman Guild. He built up a sizable collection of equipment including a 42' Orton and Spooner Ark, a set of Chair-o-Planes a set of Gallopers that he had to rebuild from nothing.

He had one major presentation in his own right in Cornwall: the St Agnes Steam Rally. As his business grew he worked with other showmen in the county not least because a set of gallopers is a difficult thing to make pay and for a while, David Rowland, Anderton and Rowland and Barry Wareham were each traveling their own. There's only so much that one county can bear.

Something went badly wrong and the business folded nearly overnight (I believe in late 1999) other showmen got inadvertently dragged into it, but the rides were eventually taken to Keith Emmets yards. The Gallopers went to a Mr Matthews on the south cost and I saw them at Pevensey in 1999. The Ark went for a wander around the County before arriving with Steve Andrews (Cornwall Funfairs) who rebuilt it and travelled it until 2006.

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