Phil & Anne Reymond

Published: Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Image: Phil Raymond Chairs - Flowerpot Chapel Car Park Redruth. Murdoch Day June 2000 (C) Simon Reed

Phil and Anne Raymond are not members of the Showman Guild, but have built up a good run of fairs in Cornwall including many special events.

These include Camborne Trevithick Day, Redruth Murdoch Day and St Agnes Steam Rally.

They travel a selection of Traditional amusements including a 16 section (32 chair) set of chair-o-planes and numerous side-stalls including one of my favourites a Beat-the-Clock. This is a stall where one person has to win each time, the showman has to get enough players to pay before starting and the idea is to make your clock go around faster than anyone elses'. To make the clock move you all roll balls up a table into various holes, where the hole that moves the clock the most is the hole that is most difficult to reach.


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