Michael DeVey

Published: Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Michael De-Vey is a member of the family that owns Anderton and Rowlands but has always opened equipment under his own name.

Image: (C) Richard Adams Collection

The brother of Ernie and Nelson, the first ride I remember Michael having was a Twist.

Image: Michael DeVeys first Twist now owned by Bill Pettigrove (C) Simon Reed

All three of Michael's twists were built-up inside the gate of the Coach Lane entrance to the Redruth fairground and the first was a real thriller in it's day.  Following this machine a further one was purchased in 1980 (NFATW145) from PWS a fold-up model that had several guises but spent most of it's time as the Lazer Chaser. This was sold in 1999 for a more modern fold up type for the 2000 season with a brand new state-of-the-art machine.

Image: Michael De-Vey Twist Bodmin May 2002 (C) Simon Reed

This machine was sold to Aaron Brett in 2010.

Michael also traveled with a Helter Skelter (slip) and this was purchased in 1994 and this was sold to Mike Stabb in 2007.



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