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Published: Wednesday, 02 September 2020

David Rowland is the Son of the late Albert Rowland of J.Rowland and Sons and set out on his own in the 1970's  when he purchased most of the No 2 section of the T.Whitelegg business.

David bought the Whiteleggs convertible Waltzer/Ark and Dodgems and a run of sites the other Whiteleggs set going to Tommy Rowland.

The Waltzer came to Redruth as it did in it's Whiteleggs days, standing next to the Anderton and Rowlands ARK.


Photo The ex T.Whitelegg Ark/Waltzer when owned by D.Rowland.  Note the roof has been changed to a flat roof machine. See here (C) Unknown

I don't think the machine stayed in David's hands for long as he soon purchased a much more modern Waltzer (W114) which remains with him today. 

Photo: D.Rowlands Groove Rider Waltzer (W114)  (C) Greg Peters.

David's equipment list is now very impressive, he has built up a major list of equipment within the family including the West of England Gallopers, Sizzler Twist, Miami, Dodgems , Formula 3000 (toy ride). This sizable fair travels to some major events including Dartmouth Regatta (the one a mention of Devon in this site!) and Summercourt.

 For the 2001 season, a new set of Dodgems were commissioned and supplied by L&L Amusement Rides and were built to order in Belgium. This new set folds onto a single load and is, as always, immaculately presented. The photos below were kindly supplied by Trevor Langthorne of L&L Amusement Rides. 



Photos: David Rowland Dodgems  being collected from Belgium (c) Trevor Langthorne 2001


Photo: One of the immaculate transport sets that travel with the firm. This Foden pulling the Dodgems in the naughties.

Photo: David Rowland Living Wagon pulling into Summercourt 2005.

Photo: Shane Rowland's Twist in 2004  (C) Simon Reed

Photo: David Rowland's Gallopers - normally travelling with David Rowland Jnr (C) Simon Reed 2005



David Rowland & Sons is now one of the largest fairground businesses in the West Country and normally sees Shane and David running under the D.Rowland & Sons banner while David Rowland Jnr has his own circuit of operation. 

Picture Shane Rowland in front of The Legend Photographer unknown

Photo Shane's Sizzler Transport @Summercourt (C) Simon Reed 2013



Post the 2020  Covid lockdown David Jnr ran a series of fairs in  Devon & Cornwall, but is perhaps more regularly seen around his base in Gloucestershire attending many fairs in the

 Photo: David Rowland Jnr 'The Rebel' at Reading : (C) Simon Reed 2017 

Photo: David Rowland Jnr Poster from Pool 2020.




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