Cornwall Funfairs

Published: Wednesday, 02 September 2020

The brain-child of Steve Andrew, Cornwall Funfairs is a story about the development of a very effective fair in an extremely short period of time. Steve is another ex-Redruth person who, although not born into a showland family, was attracted to the life and decided to invest in his own equipment.

The first ride that Steve bought was a Waltzer  that was originally an Ark from 1930 and was purchased with the best of intentions, but was not salvagable and was scrapped.

Image: Steve Andrew Waltzer NFA A15 :(C) Simon Reed.

Un-deterred Steve decided to invest and purchased an Ark that once came from Pickmere Lake having been purchased by J.Cheetham in 1937. It was sold to Keith Emmett in 1990 and traveled throughout the West Country by Barry Wareham before being sold via Mike Stabb to Steve in 2003.  Steve rebuilt the underside of the machine replacing and upgrading the trams and gates.

Image: Ark  A128 at Mabe 'Shindig' for it's first opening under his ownership (C) Steve Andrew

Steve sold the ride in 2006 and it is now in the Scarborough Fairground Collection.

Steve applied for and was granted membership of the Showman's Guild and he sold the Ark and purchased a Satellite/Trabant and a Big Wheel.  

Image: Steve Andrew Trabant open at Redruth (C) Simon Reed



Image: Steve Andrew Trabant in the yard between Redruth and Porthtowan (C) Simon Reed

The Trabant was well known in Cornwall having been owned by Vivian Bartle (2002) under the Whiteleggs Amusements banner, Robert Kefford (March 2003), Steve Andrew (September 2005), and (I believe) was sold back to Vivian Bartle in January 2007 It is now owned by Nick Peel.


Image: Steve Andrew 'Whiteleggs' Wheel  Bovey Tracey (C) Simon Reed 

The wheel was the ex-T.Whitelegg machine, which he purchased from Dean Bailey.  This did not last long with Steve and it was sold in 2006 and it is now owned by John Reed. The irony here being that it travels in the home counties and so I see it more often now than I did when it was in Cornwall.

Steve is involved across the entertainment industry working in technology and management of theatre productions, most notably at the Wycombe Swan theatre as well as keeping a number of smaller rides and attractions operating throughout the West Country.


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