Whitelegg's Scammell JFJ 457 Showtrac

Published: Monday, 21 December 2020

Jones and Whitelegg

 This picture shows one of the Scammell's, in preservation, with both the Jones and Whitelegg names.  


Whitelegg's Scammell JFJ 457 (C) PM Photography

JFJ 457 is actually a Scammel Showtrac, but prior to preservation was clearly dramatically altered. Was this vehicle ever in service with this lettering, was the preservationist called Jones, or is something else afoot?

Well - it certainly was never called the Showman in Whitelegg's ownership and those front wings are from a Scammell Highwayman.  Anyway - I believed that this may have been purchased by a preservationist called Mr C.Jones at some point in it's preserved life.  It was restored as a Showtrac in the 2010's by Mr R. Richards of Redruth and is now owned by Kevin Gamlen.

Whitelegg's Scammell JFJ 457 Restored by R.Richards




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