David Rowland is the Son of the late Albert Rowland of J.Rowland and Sons.

I first came across him, or more properly, his company in the mid 1970's when he purchased most of the No 2 section of the Whitelegg business.

David bought the Whiteleggs convertible Waltzer/Ark and a run of sites. I also think he purchased one set of their (Whiteleggs) Dodgems, the other set going to Tommy Rowland.The Waltzer came to Redruth as it did in it's Whiteleggs days, standing next to the Anderton and Rowlands ARK.



I don't think the machine stayed in David\'s hands for long as he soon purchased a much more modern Waltzer which remains with him today. The ex-Whiteleggs convertible is now owned by Terry New and travels under the Adlams amusements company name. Please click on the below for details and photos of the Waltzer as it shows this in David\'s ownership.

David's equipment list is now very impressive, he has built up a major list of equipment within the family including the West of England Gallopers, Sizzler Twist, Miami, Dodgems , Formula 3000 (toy ride). This sizable fair travels to some major events including Dartmouth Regatta (the one a mention of Devon in this site!) and Summercourt.

I believe this is a photograph of David Rowlands transport just after it was purchased from the Whiteleggs company.

For the 2001 season, a new set of Dodgems were commissioned and supplied by L&L Amusement Rides and were built to order in Belgium. This new set folds onto a single load and is, as always, immaculately presented. The photos below were kindly supplied by Trevor Langthorne of L&L Amusement Rides. Please click on the links section to connect to their site.


(c) Trevor Langthorne 2001

shown here with the new immaculate Foden; another feature of David's equipment.

David Rowlands (Shane) Simulator 2004 (C) Simon Reed

David Rowlands (Shane) Circus Formula 2004 (c) Simon Reed

David Rowlands (Shane) Transport 2004 (C) Simon Reed

David Rowlands Waltzer Detail 2004 (C) Simon Reed

David Rowlands (Shane's) Twist 2004 (C) Simon Reed