This family company have been travelling as ride-masters for many years. The first machine that I remember them having was an Octopus which, when at Redruth appeared on the site next to or on the one that was previously occupied by A.C.Whiteleggs Gallopers. The Octopus was hauled by a four wheel ERF which towed the ride centre and later a small paybox.

From this quite humble beginning they purchased a twist and at Redruth this occupied the site of the old T.Whitelegg convertible Ark/Waltzer. I'm not sure who made the twist which used to pack onto a four wheel trailer. By the 1980's the twist used to travel as a single artic load and travelled with one of the Anderton and Rowland sections and at the bigger fairs often stood beside Michael De-Vey of Anderton and Rowlands Twist machine.

In 2000, R.J. Phipps invested in a brand new machine largely built by the family with major components and engineering from K.T.Enterprises (Keith Emmett).

Photo (c) Greg Peters 2001. R.J.Phipps Twist entering St.Day

 The machine is an excellent rider and appears to be easier to build and pull-down than previous models. It is also a lot faster. The photo on this page was from Greg Peters (of World's Fair fame) and shows the machine pulling onto St Day in time for the village Feast fair in June 2001. Shortly after this photo was taken they had to take the hedge down to get the ride into the field.