Michael De-Vey is a member of the family that owns Anderton and Rowlands but has always opened equipment under his own name.

The first ride I remember him having was a Twist.


Michael DeVeys fromer Twist now owned by Bill Pettigrove

This was built-up inside the gate of the Coach Lane entrance to the Redruth fairground and was a real thriller in it's day. The original twist made way for a more modern fold up type hat was itself replaced in the 2000 season with a brand new state-of-the-art machine.


Michael De-Vey Twist Bodmin May 2002

My memory of Mr De-Vey was of helping him out somewhere in Redruth and getting a free-ticket for one of his rides to be used during the duration of the fair.



In addition to the Twist, Michael De-Vey also operates a Helter-Skelter.

In 2011, Michael DeVey sold the Twister.