Dodgem Transport - early 1970's

The firm of T.Whitlegg and sons has a long history starting before the second World War. But it was the war itself that set the company up as the owner opened an amusement centre called Olympia in Plymouths Union Street. This was on the main road to the docks and the money taken set the company up for a post war boom. By the 1960's the company was operated by the three sons and operated in two separate section. Over time, these got fragmented and the sons gradually retired or sold their equipment. The final sale was the run of places that was sold to Anderton and Rowlands in 1998.


A few pictures of 1970's transport - crossing the river Tamar

Waltzer leaving the Torpoint ferry.

Apart from a rather good photo, this shot is taken from the Torpoint side towards Plymouth and shows the small convertible Waltzer/Ark that travelled with the number 2 section. This normally opened as an Ark unless it was with Whiteleggs or A&R's Ark's in which case it opened as a Waltzer. This machine is now owned by Terry New of Adlams Amusements.

First Dodgem Load

Two Box Trucks hauled by City of Plymouth Scammell

Albion CX22 Lorry hauling the dodgems

Another Dodgem load hauled by a Scammell Pioneer

Last load - hauled by a Guy

The Guy with trailers leaving on the Saltash side

My thanks to M.J.Wells for correcting my identification of the various vehicles.